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Sacred Circles of L...
By ShaRi

You dance inside my heart where no one sees you.
But sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.~Rumi


The chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally means a spinning wheel or vortex. As the chakra is a center of spinning energy and something that moves, it causes vibrations. These vibrations cause sound and this is the reason why there is vibration in different parts of the body through chakra sounds of varying frequencies. The seven chakras have seven chakra sounds associated with it. In addition to sound, colors also vibrate at a specific frequency and each chakra has a color associated with it. It is the combined effort of chakra sound and color that helps restore balance in the chakras, which in turn restores health.You only need your voice for sound healing via chakra sounds, to feel better, calmer and clearer in a matter of minutes. However these chakra sounds should be soft and gentle, and not longer than five minutes duration each.
1. The first chakra sound is UH, the deepest sound possible. This chakra sound has to be done with eyes closed and with attention on the spine base chakra, the base chakra. When chanting the chakra sound, you have to be aware of the sound resonance found in the chakra location and not from the throat. This chakra sound is associated with the color red and has to be chanted for one or two minutes, and not longer than five minutes.
2. The second chakra is located about three inches below the naval where you find the second chakra sound OOO. This chakra sound is complimented with the color orange and has to be chanted with eyes closed. This helps you experience the balancing of the chakra with other chakras for a minute or two.
3. The third chakra sound “OH has to come from the navel chakra, found at the navel area. The color for complimenting visualization here is yellow. This chakra sound has to start very softly and gently, but higher than the last sound.
4. The chakra sound for the heart chakra, found in the middle of the chest is AH. This sound is usually emitted when in love and the heart chakra is associated with love. Green is the color you can use for complimenting this chakra sound where you have to start with a soft and gentle sound, with a slightly higher pitch than the last chakra sound.
5. The chakra sound for the throat chakra is EYE which is complemented by the color blue and is to be chanted at a higher pitch than previous sounds.
6. AYE is the chakra sound for the third chakra found a bit higher than the two eyes, and in the forehead. The chakra sound is associated with indigo and has to be started with a soft and gentle tone, but should be of a higher pitch than previous sounds.
7. The crown chakra, found at the top of the head, demands the highest sound you can make. This chakra sound is EEE and is complemented with purple and starts by making the highest EEE sound possible. Like other chakra sounds, this chakra sound also starts soft and gentle.
You have to close your eyes when chanting all the chakra sounds while concentrating on different chakras. When you focus on the different chakras, you find chakra sounds projecting from the respective chakras. And with the resonance of the sound chakras, each chakra starts balancing and aligning with other chakras. After the exercise, you are sure to feel light headed. It is better to relax or meditate after this to process your experience and realize the actual benefits you gain through chakra sounds. frOM

Chakras influence our body shape, glandular processes, chronic physical ailments, thoughts, and behavior. Chakra balancing ensures that these parameters all work towards the goal of a healthy body, mind, and soul.~frOM

The body itself actually consists of seven primary and literally thousands of secondary chakras. “Chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel of light,” and according to this belief, these chakras vibrate and rotate without stopping when the human body is healthy.~frOM

Solar Plexus Chakra - Inner Sunshine - This 10 petalled energy centre or chakra is yellow and its sound is Ram. It is associated with the element of fire, the sense of sight and is located at the sternum, which is where you need to focus to access your inner sunshine. The essential oils connected with the solar plexus include peppermint, lemongrass, lemon balm and chamomile and the gems are citrine, topaz, amber and tiger's eye.

This centre governs your autonomic nervous system, skin, digestion, the diaphragm and the stomach. A strong and well balanced solar plexus chakra encourages confidence, and develops your sense of personal power, produces an ability to accomplish meaningful goals and an ability to be yourself. There is a greater capacity to be outgoing, vital, cheerful, decisive and flexible, whilst retaining respect for others. Too much energy in this centre can lead to you being over bearing, over demanding, very judgemental, or a workaholic. If you have too little energy in this centre it can lead to depression, a lack of a sense of self, the tendency to blame others. An imbalance could cause timidity, fear, anger, rage isolation or aloofness.

Affirmations to bring out the inner sun;

'I now reclaim the power to change and direct my life'
'My right to choose freely is a measure of my individuality'
'I am worthy of my own love and respect'
'I am full of radiant light and energy'
'I am worth my weight in gold'

Visualise a yellow flower gently unfolding at the solar plexus level.

Zannie Rose is experienced in the choreography of energy.

Influence Of the Seven Chakras
by Jonathan Benjem

Chakras are the center of activity in a body - the center that produces the life force energy. The word Chakra means wheel, or disk, and it is referred to as a spinning sphere of energy.

There are six main chakras that are stacked in a column along a person’s spine, and there is a seventh that is above them, beyond the physicality of the body.

While we understand these Chakras as energy, you need to understand that these seven Chakras influence your body.

A proper alignment of the seven Chakras helps you to maintain your body in physical, mental and spiritual health; this is why it is important to know more about each Chakra and how it affects you.


The Muladhara is the chakra of the lower body. It is the root chakra, or the base chakra. This chakra is related to security, to survival, and to instinct. Also, it is related to the potentiality of the basic human life. The center of this chakra is located between the anus and the genitals of a person.

This is the Chakra believed to be influential on the adrenal glands, producing the fight or flight response and other primal behaviors.


The Swadhisthana is the chakra that contains the reproductive parts. The chakra is located in the area known as the sacrum. It relates to emotions such as sexuality and creativity. The chakra corresponds to the sexual organs, and produces the sexual hormones that guide our lives.

This is the Chakra which controls the sex hormones as well. This Chakra also is responsible for mood swings, It’s symbol is a six-petal lotus.


Located in the Navel, the Manipura or solar plexus Chakra is responsible for the transition from simple to comlex emotions. The Manipura corresponds to the pancreas in the physical body.

This Chakra is responsible for energy flow and digestion - it governs the conversion of food into energy.This Chakra is symbolized by a ten petal lotus.


The Anahata is the heart. This Chakra is responsible for love and other complex emotions, as well as your sense of equilibrium and well being overall. This Chakra corresponds to the thymus gland (located in the chest) and the immune system in the physical body.

This symbol of this Chakra is a twelve petal lotus


The Vishudda is the throat. Symbolized by a sixteen petal lotus, it is in charge of both communication and growth. It is paralleled to the thyroid, and does the same thing.

The Vishudda also governs the process of growth.


The Anja is the eyebrow or the forehead. It is also considered to be the third eye. This chakra is in charge of being a model of its own envisioning. This is the chakra of time, light, and of awareness.

This is the Chakra with the vital function of governing the sleep cycle. This Chakra is symbolized by a two petal lotus.


Symbolized by a one thousand petal lotus, the Sahasrara is the seventh and final chakra. It is the chakra of consciousness. It communicates with the rest of the body in the same manner that the pituitary gland does. The Sahsrara is connected to all of the body systems, and is the key player in consciousness.
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In Greek mythology, Iris (Ἴρις) is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. As the sun unites Earth and heaven, Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other[1], and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.~frOM

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Lakshmi or Mahalakshmi (pronunciation: [ləkʂ.miː]; Sanskrit: lakṣmī) is the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.~frOM

The actual etymology of the name is most likely from Luwian pihassas "lightning", or pihassasas, a weather god (the god of lightning).~frOM


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An ancient symbol of wholeness, the Mandala has the power to connect you to your center simply by looking at it....
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